‘On vacation’ scrapbook page



Information for further references:

Cartridges used: Pack your Bag, Elegant Edges, Life is a Beach

Paper: DCWV

(Inspired by Faith Abigail Designs)


Layout chữ Tâm

Layout dưới đây tôi làm tặng một người bạn tốt. Thật không dễ khi có một người bạn chấp nhận mình với tất cả tốt xấu của mình. Cũng thật không dễ để làm được một layout với những nét cắt mang hơi hướm phương Đông. Tất cả đều hợp với bạn í: nội tâm, tế nhị, nhân hậu. Đồng thời cũng hợp với bức ảnh mà tôi tính đặt vào khung: ảnh chụp chúng tôi trong một chuyến đi TQ. Thích nhất là tôi đã tìm ra nét cắt chữ TÂM bằng tiếng Trung và con chim hạc, một loài chim thanh tao. Bạn tôi từng học chuyên ngành tiếng Trung nên rất thích điều này. Tôi đã tham gia LO này vào một challenge. Dưới đây là phiên bản tiếng Anh của lần tham gia đó.

In June, 2011, I took my third trip to China. It was a trip full of emotion. When I saw the Pagoda cartridge which had been on the shelf for 7 months, I knew I had to make some LOs that have the Oriental feels on them.

This LO was made using Pagoda and Elegant Edges carts. The photo that is going to put below the frame is of a friend by a beautiful pond as light green as the background paper.

I chose the heart frame because next to it is a Chinese character meaning “heart”. It also means love and humanity. Both cuts tell a lot about what my friend is doing. She LOVES helping others from the bottom of her heart without taking any advantages. She also does her job with all her heart too, thanks to which she has helped a lot of people out. The bird (seemingly crane, a noble bird in Oriental culture) is reaching its head towards the “heart” symbol, just like her who has devoted her time and effort to a meaningful life and job.

All the other cuts correspond with the background scenery in the picture. There’s a bridge, some old houses looking like temples or pagodas, and a pond with lots of trees, birds and flowers. I will post the photo later.

Photo frame was cut out of Elegant Edges: the Hearts key, cut at 6” (Oblong), 5”3/4 (Oblong frame)

All the other cuts were out of Pagoda.
Tree: 4”
Temple: 2”1/4
Bridge: 2”1/2
Bird: 3”
Flower: 2”

I cut a 5” circle also out of the Pagoda to make the two “islands”. One was half of the circle; the other, 1/4.

I made use of the frame leftover to create the oval tag. The tag shadow was hand cut. The grass was also hand cut.

I embossed the frame, the “islands” and the grass with the Oriental Weave, Spots and Dots and Forest Branches embossing folders respectively.

I save a place under the frame for the hidden journaling.

Thank you for looking and giving comments.